This is how it started.

My VERY FIRST painting!

Hey there!

I’m Kennedy, owner and artist of Strain Creation. 


I am passionate about sports, design, and art. I played four years of collegiate volleyball, recently received my BFA in graphic design, and run my own small handmade business. 


How I got started

One summer day back in 2017 I made my first creation, on my parent's kitchen counter. One canvas, a handful of colors, and lots of newspapers spread all over. There was no real hesitation, I just dove right into the fluid acrylic technique. Must have been beginners luck, because I was thrilled with what I had just created. The couple pieces after the first one, not so much. Over the next couple of weeks I was able to refine my technique and went crazy with creating. Over the next couple of years, here I am! Running my own handmade business. I never would have thought this is where I would be, but I am so happy I sat down at that counter with a handful of colors back in 2017.


It is my goal one day to have a studio location and hopefully a physical shop to sell all of my creations at. Until then, here is a glimpse into my current work space! I have been blessed to have a space to create in, a small space to call mine. And during this crazy time, it’s everything I could have asked for. It’s nothing fancy, but it is absolutely perfect. 

I also love creating commission pieces. Have a color combination in mind? Have a specific space to fill on our wall? Let me help you bring that vision to life! It is rewarding for me to be able to create what you had envisioned.

I cannot thank you guys enough for your support throughout these past couple of years. You are the reason I am able to work towards my dream! Without you, I would not be where I am today. Thank you and welcome to my site! 

If you have any questions or commission requests please reach out! You can get ahold of me by email, through my Facebook page, or Instagram!





Thanks again, and happy shopping!



Upcoming Events

No upcoming events currently scheduled, please check back soon!

Past Events

Sip N' Shop Holiday Event - 2019
Chow Bar and Grill
Elk River, MN
December 1nd, 2019
Elk River Craft Bazaar - 2019
Elk River High School
Elk River, MN
November 2nd, 2019
Cable Area Fall Fest - 2019
Cable Area Chamber of Commerce
Cable, WI
September 28th, 2019
Crazy Days of Summer - 2019
The Friendly Buffalo
Big Lake, MN
August 11th, 2019
Fun in the Sun - 2019
Rogers Community Center
Rogers, MN
August 10th, 2019
Holiday Market - 2018
Saint Paul Rivercentre
Saint Paul, MN
December 15, 2018
Made in Minnesota - 2018
Cowboy Jacks
Otsego, MN
November 8th, 2018
Elk River Craft Bazaar - 2018
Elk River High School
Elk River, MN
November 3rd, 2018
Elk River Farmers Market - 2018
Downtown Elk River
Elk River, MN
August 16th, 2018
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